Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Golden Anniversary Cake - 4/10/2010

This was a 50th wedding anniversary cake. This was my first cake made just with buttercream icing and without the security of the flawless look of fondant. I also made 50 cupcakes to go with the cake. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the icing had a golden color to it. It was topped with a '50th Anniversary' cake topper to finish the look.

The hardest part of this cake was making it big enough for the order and not looked completely pieced together. I had to use 4 9x13x2 cakes. The left two cakes, stacked one ontop of the other were white cake and the right two were chocolate. I also learned a new trick on this cake. To make the buttercream have a smooth and finished look, after icing sets for a couple minutes, use a flat paper towel to smooth the lumps and bumps.

Lauren's First Birthday

This was for my neice's first birthday. All that was asked was for it to be pink and brown and polkadotted. The top part of the cake was to take off and given to Lauren to eat herself. I made sure it was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing under the pink frosting. The excitement of adding more and more frosting to ensure great pictures resulted in a lumpy top layer. The cake was super moist and delicious though, and that is what really matters! :)

I also learned a trick with making fondant shiney and to rid it of the powdered sugar layer needed when rolling out. Rub it down with a little shortening. This gives the cake a nice sheen.

Shabby Chic Baby Cake 2/28/2010

My second cake was for a baby shower. The nursery decor is shabby chic. I knew I needed to keep it somewhat simple because it was my first cake for someone else. I used fondant to cover the cake and for the embelishments. I used blue sixlets to look like pearls draped around the base of both layers.

This cake was a lot of fun, but I know I still have a lot of room to grow. I need to roll the fondant thinner and work on making smoother edges when covering the cake. I believe that will take less buttercream icing between the cake and fondant.